About Us

“We don’t teach, We IGNITE minds”

Message from Chairman

Dear Students and Friends,

First and foremost let me thank you forshowing your interest in . Medha Classes In my 35 years of experienceas an educator and writer, I have witnessed a gradual but definiteshift in the way education is imparted in the country. Ascompetitiveness increased, the demand for intensive training tocompete successfully rose as well. The board based, liberal educationalso helps them to rise above parochial mindsets and acquire a trulyinternational outlook. In addition to this, children are trained tolearn more by doing things themselves and trying out new ideas,taking failure and success in their stride, with all their energiesfocused on honest and purposeful effort.

Message from Chief Mentor

Dear Studentsand Friends,

Inmy 35 years of experience as an educator and writer, I have witnesseda gradual but definite shift in the way education is imparted in thecountry. Owing to the increased competitiveness, the demand forintensive training for specialized courses has gained ground. On onehand it is a good development but on the other it has also increasedthe stress level on students.

AtIPS MedhaClasses, the aim is to revamp the method of impartingeducation. Young minds blossom when provided with conduciveenvironment and the right mentors. The faculty team at IPSMedhaClasses has teachers of immense caliber. Some of them aredoctorates, authors and IITians who are immensely revered in thefield of teaching. There is a collective endeavor to strive not onlyfor academic excellence but also overall personality development ofstudents. Like in the case of the Gurukuls of the bygone era, IPSMedhaClasses is working to provide the best set of teachers who canunderstand student needs and prepare them for the competition in lifeahead without undue duress.

Theacademic facilities at IPS MedhaClasses are excellent. There is ahuge library of over 25,000 books for reference. Smart Classes areput to use to facilitate learning through the digital medium as well.In addition to that, the other world class state-of-the-artfacilities at IPS MedhaClasses make it unique as an institution. Thestudents get a safe, healthy and hygienic environment to make themfeel at home. This should ease a lot of pressure from parents who areworried about sending their children out of their home town forquality education as they fear that the children may not adjust tothe rigours of the changed environment.

Hopeyou begin your preparations for IIT-JEE in the right earnest byjoining the new ‘Gurukul’ for JEE preparations.

Prof.K. C. Sinha

“We don’t teach, We IGNITE minds”

 Started by Hon’ble Member of Parliament, Rajya Sabha and Chairmanof The Indian Public School Mr. R. K. Sinha, IPS MedhaClasses isfocused on creating the next generation leaders. Set up in thepicturesque locales of Dehradun inside the campus of The IndianPublic School, the IPS MedhaClasses has some of the best students inthe country being mentored by the most renowned names in the field ofIIT-JEE preparation.

In addition to the excellent infrastructure and facilities to beprovided to the students, IPS MedhaClasses is committed to producebest results in the field of competitive examinations such as JEEMain & Advanced, BITSAT and other state level engineeringexaminations in the country.

Teaching Methodology

The course flow at IPS MedhaClasses is designed to maximize theoutput of students. Each subject is divided into units. The studentprogress is assessed after every unit through a JEE based unit test.Any shortcoming in the subject area is removed through doubt andbackup classes. The remedial learning is re-assessed in monthly orphase tests. Performing students are put on high performance path inRanker Batches while weaker students are given more time to help themgrasp basics to improve problem solving ability. Special focus islaid on scoring high in School and Board examinations by way ofassessing students through subjective tests and assignments.

Teaching Plan

Our course modules are divided into phases. Each academic sessioncomprises of two phases.

Students are assessed after each unit and at the end of each phasethrough unit and phase tests. Separately, monthly JEE based tests areconducted to assess students and suggest remedial measures to them.To involve parents in the process, we arrange the periodic face-toface parent-teachers meeting& regularly inform parents abouttheir ward's performance.

Another important aspect of our teaching plan is ensuring highmotivational levels for our students. The on-campus teachers areavailable for the students 24X7 to take care of their academic aswell as counselling needs. Our teaching methodology revolves aroundproviding a Gurukul like atmosphere for the students to help themdevelop into strong individuals, both academically as well as inother spheres of life.

Academic Features

  1. Excellent MENTORS

  2. Individual CARE

  3. 24X7 availability of teachers

  4. RANKER Batch for performing students

  5. Course material, assignments, DPPs & comprehensive testing

  6. Comfortable class-rooms

  7. Focus on School CBSE as well as JEE examination

  8. Library facility available